Jewel Metal Restoration LLC

Company Information

Contact: Joseph Nowlan (Architectural Metal Professional, Owner)

Waite Park, MN 56387

Business 763-219-6133

Year Established: 2016

Specialties: Conservators, Objects, Archaeology, Furniture, Doors, Historic Light Fixtures, Reproduction and Repair, Historic Preservation Consultants, Metals Restoration, Painting, Decorative Finishes, Window Restoration

Training/Experience: Architectural Metal Restoration

Notes: Architectural Metal Restoration, Metal Polishing, Metal Restoration, Metal Coloring, Metal Oxidizing, Metal Coatings


Project: Brass Entryway Restoration
Location: Keys at the Foshay, Minneapolis
Year: 2017

Project: Copper Entryway Restoration
Location: Continental Hotel, Minneapolis
Year: 2018

Project: Brass Entryway Restoration
Location: Armory, Minneapolis
Year: 2017