Archaeo-Physics, LLC

Company Information

Contact: David Maki (Principal)

4150 Dight Ave #110
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Business Phone: 612-379-0094

Year Established: 1998

Specialties: Archaeologists, Historic Preservation Consultants

Training/Experience: My academic background is in engineering but I've doing archaeological fieldwork for more than 25 years. I teach at the annual National Park Service Archaeological Prospection Workshop, which is a one-week course focused on non-invasive archaeological survey methods.

Notes: Archaeo-Physics, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in subsurface imaging of archaeological sites. We perform geophysical surveys to produce high-resolution maps of archaeological features, artifacts, and other patterning. We use a variety of geophysical survey technologies, including magnetometry, electrical resistance, ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, and LiDAR data processing and analysis. Subsurface mapping can guide excavation, reducing costs and maximizing the recovery of useful data.


Project: Pope County Archaeological Survey
Location: Pope County, MN
Year: 2018

Project: Fort Snelling Geophysical Survey
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Year: 2018