Wiss Janney Elstner Associates, Inc.

Company Information

Contact: Mark Chauvin (Associate Principal)

Year Established: 1956

Specialties: Architects, Historic, Engineers, Structural, Historic Preservation Consultants

Training/Experience: Training/Experience: WJE regularly completes historic preservation documents such as condition assessments, structural evaluations, Historic Structure Reports, Historic American Building Survey (HABS) documentation, and National Register nominations. We are experienced in the preparation of documents for historic structures and have extensive experience working within federal, state, and local preservation guidelines and standards. WJE has been recognized by the Harley J. McKee Award for Outstanding Contributions to Preservation Technology by the Association for Preservation Technology International (APT).

Notes: WJE specializes in the investigation, repair, and preservation of historic and contemporary structures. WJE personnel are nationally recognized experts in historic preservation and have extensive experience in all aspects of planning, investigation, resource assessment, repair, and restoration. WJE has extensive knowledge and experience in preservation architecture and engineering, including past work on many National Historic Landmark, National Register, and National Register eligible structures. Specialized services include nondestructive evaluation and material conservation.


Project: Minnesota State Capitol
Location: St. Paul, MN
Year: 2017

Project: Union Depot
Location: St. Paul, MN
Year: 2012

Project: Franklin Avenue Bridge
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Year: 2017