Pat Koppa

Company Information

Contact: Pat Koppa (Owner)

Stillwater, MN 55082

Business Phone: 651-342-8093

Year Established: 2000

Specialties: Museum Consultants

Training/Experience: I've had almost 20 years of consultant experience and have done strategic planning for small groups and statewide organizations. With national and local clients, I've done board governance assessments and training. I've also done focus groups for museums related to increasing the diversity of museum visitors and enhancing their experience. I also coach staff and board members on resilience at work.

Notes: I provide various services to local history.
• Strategic Planning
• Board Governance Training
• Focus Groups on Museum Visitor Experiences and Programs
• Project Management
• Staff Coaching on Personal and Worksite Resilience


Project: Focus Groups--Museum Visitor Panel
Location: Goodhue County Historical Society
Year: 2018

Project: Legacy Strategic Agenda
Location: MALHM/MNHS - Statewide
Year: Ongoing