TRC Environmental

Company Information

Contact: Rachel Klabacka-Williams (Staff Archaeologist)

150 N. Patrick Blvd. Suite 180
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045

Business 262-309-1539

Year Established: 1970

Specialties: Archaeologists, Archivists, Historians, Historic Preservation Consultants

Training/Experience: Rachel Klabacka-Williams has been working in archaeology since 1999. She is responsible for implementing, supervising and conducting field projects in all phases of prehistoric and historic sites investigations. She has worked in many states throughout the U.S., including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. She has hands-on experience with projects and activities, including survey, evaluation, mitigation, laboratory support, proposal and budget preparation, and archaeological literature

Notes: TRC Environmental provides cultural resource management, including archaeological and historic architectural review and survey.


Project: College Corner-Allen Co. Trans Line Rebuild Ph I
Location: Indiana
Year: 2020

Project: Minnesota Lake Solar Farm Ph I Arch Survey
Location: Minnesota Lake, MN
Year: 2016

Project: River Falls Hydro Project Shoreline and Ph I Arch
Location: River Falls, WI