Pigeon Consulting, LLC

Company Information

Contact: Laurel Fritz and Tamara Halvorsen (Principals)

St Paul, MN 55117

Business 612-643-0535

Year Established: 2021

Specialties: Architects, Historic, Historians, Historic Preservation Consultants

Training/Experience: Pigeon Consulting has more than 15 years of experience in historic preservation planning and historic resource evaluation. Firm Principals exceed the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards in History and Architectural History and have extensive training and experience in the evaluation of mid-century modern architecture, urban and suburban development, and social and economic history. Principals regularly present at conferences, have served as HPC commissioners, and teach historic preservation planning at the university level.

Notes: Pigeon Consulting was established to help public sector staff and heritage preservation commissions proactively engage in - and recognize the value of - the historic preservation planning process. Cities, counties, and state agencies serve diverse constituencies and have multiple historic narratives that must be represented in their body of historic resources. We facilitate conversations about historic preservation planning and support clients and stakeholders through the preparation of research and evaluation documentation, we ensure that our clients can confidently use these tools.