Hamline University Center for Anthropological Services

Company Information

Contact: Brian Hoffman (Director and Associate Professor of Anthropology)

1536 Hewitt Ave
St Paul, MN 55104

Mobile 651-666-8373
Business 651-523-2891

Specialties: Archaeologists, Historians, Oral, Historic Preservation Consultants, Museum Consultants

Training/Experience: HUCAS staff have extensive professional experience in archaeology, osteology, historical research, archiving and record management, Indigenous archaeological approaches, and in working with diverse stakeholders to reach shared goals. Our team has decades of heritage management experience in Minnesota and surrounding regions, and includes PhD archaeologist and osteologist principal investigators who meet the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for Archaeology, and Indigenous archaeology specialists who have worked extensively with Minnesota state agencies.

Notes: HUCAS is prepared to carry out Phase I, II, and III precontact and historical archaeological projects, as well as burial recoveries and cemetery assessments. Past projects range in size from large scale, multi-year burial recoveries to small property assessments for private landowners. We also provide osteological consultation services including identification of human remains.