Jim Roe Museum Planning

Company Information

Contact: Jim Roe (Principal)

865 Lenox Avenue
St Paul, MN 55119

Business 651-249-6126

Year Established: 2002

Specialties: Exhibit Design, Museum Consultants, Interpretive Planner

Training/Experience: Jim completed his MA in American Studies at the University of Minnesota in 1990, with a focus on urban and architectural history. He joined the staff of the Minnesota Historical Society, where his work included researching, writing, and exhibit development. He later worked as an exhibit developer at the Science Museum of Minnesota and from 1998 to 2002 served as Director of Exhibits at Minnesota Children’s Museum. At the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History, he led the visitor-experience planning process from 2004 to 2009 for a proposed new museum and outdoor learning environment.

Notes: Jim Roe consults for a range of organizations—from historic sites and museums to parks, nature centers, and other environmental education facilities, science centers, and children’s museums. He is a proven collaborator, working extensively with architects, landscape architects, exhibit designers, and film and media producers. His services include facilitated workshops, community and stakeholder interviews, interpretive planning for history and environmental education, exhibit and program concepts, goal-setting for visitor engagement, and project-development strategies.