Tides Edge Design

Company Information

Contact: Linda Lundborg (Owner)

Year Established: 1987

Specialties: Book & Publication Design, Graphic Design

Notes: As a small husband and wife team, we’ve been working together for nearly 40 years, helping non-profits, small businesses, and independent book publishers look great while sharing their vision and making a difference.


Project: Interpretive signage
Location: Skowhegan History House Museum
Year: 2020

Project: Interpretive signage
Location: Maine Audubon/Gilsland Farm
Year: 2021

Project: Harry Wilde Jones: American Architect
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Year: 2008

Project: Richfield: Minnesota's Oldest Suburb (AASLH Leadership in History WOW Award Winner)
Location: Richfield, MN
Year: 2008

Project: Montevideo 1860 to 1930: Through Their Eyes and in Their Words
Location: Montevideo, MN
Year: 2011