BW&A Books

Company Information

Contact: Chris Crochetière (Owner)

112 West McClanahan St.
Oxford, North Carolina 27565

Year Established: 1988

Specialties: Book & Publication Design

Training/Experience: In the early days, the studio offered design, editorial, and production services. We are a bit obsessed with controlling the details (in a good way, we think), so we continue to cultivate new skills. BW&A is now a full-service shop. We take care of whatever our clients need, which might include turning an unedited manuscript into a beautiful finished book, or simply typesetting for an in-house designer.

Notes: You provide the manuscript. BW&A delivers a book of enduring quality and beauty. We are also happy to provide our services on an “a la carte” basis (design and typesetting only, for example). Our skills include: realistic estimating, experienced project management, creative scheduling to meet your deadline, designing books inside and out, typesetting and layout, scanning and art adjustment, print production, editorial coordination, copyediting, proofreading, indexing.