Amplifier Experience Design, LLC

Company Information

Contact: Steve Boyd-Smith (Principal/Interpretive and Exhibit Planner)

1740 Goodrich Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Year Established: 2022

Specialties: Exhibit Design, Museum Consultants, Interpretive Planner, Script Writers

Training/Experience: Amplifier Experience Design was started by Steve Boyd-Smith, who brought more than 30 years of experience telling local stories through exhibits and other forms of interpretation. Steve holds an MA in American History (1990), is an NAI Certified Interpretive Planner, an award-winning creative director and label writer, a member of AASLH's History Leadership Institute, and a frequent presenter at museum and history conferences.

Notes: Amplifier Experience Design helps communities tell their own stories, with a focus on interpretive and exhibit planning and design. For existing historic sites we are often engaged to start with a visitor experience assessment, which looks at the site's goals, audiences, and stories; reviews existing exhibits and programs; and makes suggestions for next steps. This is a powerful tool for fundraising.

Amplifier extends its services by building teams from a roster of proven partners.


Project: Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Location: Lynchburg, VA
Year: 2013

Project: Woodbury Heritage Society
Location: Woodbury, MN
Year: 2022

Project: Poindexter Village
Location: Columbus, OH
Year: 2019