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Data Warehouse Resources

Inmon Associates, Inc.

This is the official web site produced by Bill Inmon, one of the leaders in data warehousing. This web site replaces http://www.billinmon.com, which included information about Inmon's Corporate Information Factory (CIF). Inmon's current web site focuses on his framework for government information systems, the Government Information Factory (GIF), and includes his biography, white papers, and information about related books, classes, and special events.

Ralph Kimball Associates

Ralph Kimball is a leading proponent of the dimensional approach to designing large data warehouses. He teaches data warehousing design skills and helps selected clients with specific data warehouse designs. The site includes links to Kimball's data warehousing classes and consulting services, his articles in Intelligent Enterprise (formerly DBMS Magazine), and a review of his book The Data Warehouse Toolkit.

Stanford Data Warehousing Publications

This bibliography site offers a list of publications compiled as part of Stanford University's data warehousing project. The list is organized by subjects such as extracting source data, warehouse consistency, warehouse maintenance, physical and logical design, query processing, warehouse recovery, and data mining. Files are only available in PostScript format, but viewer guidance is provided.

The Data Warehousing Information Center

This site aims to help visitors learn about data warehousing and decision support systems by providing links to vendors of tools for end-user data retrieval and analysis, tools for building and maintaining system infrastructure, and tools directed at specific industries and functions. Links point to data warehousing and decision-support publications (articles, white papers, books, technical evaluations, periodicals, and other non-vendor sources of information), and service providers (consultants, trainers, conference organizers).

The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

Robert Seiner maintains this online publication and updates it on a quarterly basis. Articles typically have a business spin to them, focusing on such issues as metadata management, data warehouses, repositories, and data modeling. Among the other services offered by the site are book reviews, conference lists, and vendor and product lists.

DM Review

The DM Review web site offers content from DM Review magazine as well as online-only articles, resource lists, discussion forums, issue archives, etc. DM Review focuses on data warehousing and related topics such as metadata management. Frequent contributors include such industry leaders as Bill Inmon, Clive Finkelstein, and Larry English.

Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise's mission is to serve "as the key technical resource for cross-functional teams providing detailed analyses of the products, trends, and strategies that help accelerate the creation of the enterprise's information infrastructure." This publication resulted from DBMS' merger with its sister publication, Database Programming & Design. Not only is all current content available online, article archives (non-searchable) provide access to past issues. Online "communities" offer focused information and interactive forums in the areas of customer relationship management, enterprise application integration, enterprise resource planning, and knowledge management.


Operated by DataMirror Software, this searchable site is dedicated to "documenting all data warehousing related information on the Internet." It includes links to software companies and consultants, a directory of relevant sites, and a list of papers and articles submitted to the site by the data warehousing community. Additionally, DataWarehousing.com hosts data warehouse-specific list servers and newsgroups.


DataWarehouse.com bills itself as "the data warehouse community." The site offers discussion forums, live chats, e-seminars, articles, trade show information, and more. Membership (free) allows visitors to post to discussion boards and personalize the site, among other things.

The Data Warehousing Institute

The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) is a member-based organization whose goal is to educate decision-makers and information professionals on data warehousing strategies and technologies. This site serves a clearinghouse for case studies, white papers, and data warehousing events and conferences worldwide. Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly Business Intelligence Journal.

March 4, 2005

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