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Electronic Records Management Guidelines

Electronic Records Management Strategy
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Primary Resources:

Minnesota Historical Society, State Archives Department. Preserving and Disposing of Government Records. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, May 2008.

Developed for Minnesota government agencies, this overview of the basic principles of records management includes chapters on defining a government record, taking inventory of your records, developing records retention schedules, preserving archival records, disposing of records, and setting up a records storage area. A list of resources for more information is included, as well as information about applicable state law regarding electronic records management. Originally published by the Minnesota Department of Administration in July 2000, the guide was updated jointly by the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota Government Records and Information Network (MNGRIN) in 2008.


Minnesota Department of Administration, Office of Enterprise Technology. Minnesota Enterprise Technical Architecture. Version 2.02, 2006.

The Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) is charged with establishing and maintaining a state information architecture as specified in Minnesota Statue, Chapter 16E.04 Subdivision 2. According to the OET, “This technical architecture is established to describe technology components of the State’s information infrastructure and their individual principles, practices and standards that are to be used to guide the development and delivery of all information systems services. The architecture will provide a reference so that various groups of government IT professionals have a consistent view of the information systems infrastructure and the methods that they employ to develop and deliver information systems services.” Chapter 4, Data and Records Management, describes the framework for managing information resources, as well as the standards and guidelines that apply.


Additional Resources:

ARMA International

ARMA is the leading professional records management association.  The ARMA website offers practical guidance on a wide range of topics, including electronic records management, E-discovery, information security, and standards and best practices. 


Council of State Archivists (CoSA). Archives Resource Center: Electronic Records.

State by state listings of policies and guidelines relating to government electronic records management. 



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