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Primary Resources

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Home Page.

W3C is an organization that focuses on standards for web design, applications, and architecture.  Published standards and general information are provided here.   

Minnesota Historical Society. Best Practice Principles for Opening Up Government Information. March 2011.

Created with assistance from the Sunlight Foundation, this paper lists best practice principles that help facilitated open government, transparency, and accessibility. 

Minnesota Historical Society. Web Archiving. Center for Archival Resources On Legislatures (CAROL). March 2012.

Links to an introductory paper on web archiving as well as an evaluation/comparison of Archive-It and the Web Archiving Service.   


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Bridges: Minnesota's Gateway to Environmental Information.

The Bridges project was a collaboration between Minnesota's environmental agencies with the goal of providing easy access to their electronic resources such as web pages, PDF documents, databases, and geographic data. Resources were cataloged using the Dublin Core metadata scheme and made available through a simple cross-agency search engine. Although the project was completed in July 2000, the website still offers a number of resources to visitors, including best practice guidelines for web metadata, information on metadata tools, project reports, as well as links to participating agencies, other regional and federal environmental sites, and the Minnesota Governor's Council on Geographic Information.


Additional Resources

Kansas Information Technology Advisory Board, Electronic Records Committee and Internet Task Force.  Guidelines for Managing Records on Kansas Government Agency Web Sites.  Version 1.0, January 2004.

The Kansas guidelines are based upon a risk analysis methodology.  A summary of web-based resource types and a discussion of preservation strategies accompany a set of agency self-assessment tools.

National National Archives Records Administration (NARA).  NARA Guidance on Managing Web Records.  January 2005.

Guidance on the background, responsibilities, and requirements of managing web records based on statutory requirements for developing disposition schedules.


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