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Arkansas Partner Meetings

Arkansas Partners Overview

Arkansas is represented by the Arkansas History Commission and the Arkansas State Library. Discussions about additional organizations that may be interested in the project took place during the August 20-21, 2009 meeting, and may be added as the project develops.

October 22, 2010


Representatives from the Arkansas State Library, Arkansas History Commission, and Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research met with representatives from the Minnesota Historical Society for an update on project activities. The meeting also facilitated face to face time between Arkansas agencies to assist with future collaborations.

Meeting Materials and Information


August 20-21, 2009


As part of the project extension, three new state partners were added to this NDIIPP project. The Minnesota Historical Society hosted a meeting for representatives from all of these states, Arkansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota, on August 20-21, 2009 in St. Paul.

The purpose of this meeting was to welcome the three new partner states and to provide them with an overview of the project's past and future activities. These face-to-face meetings foster greater discussion about the topics of interest for the individual states.

Representatives from the Arkansas Historical Commission, Arkansas State Library, North Dakota State Archives, and the North Dakota Legislative Council were in attendance. Representatives from the Nebraska State Historical Society were unable to attend, due to unforeseen travel cancellations. Representatives from the Minnesota Revisor's Office and the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library were also in attendance.


Meeting Materials and Information



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