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Center for Archival Resources On Legislatures (CAROL)


The Center for Archival Resources On Legislatures (CAROL) is the final product of the Minnesota NDIIPP project related to the preservation of and access to digital legislative content.  CAROL pulls together research information and other resources on pertinent topics, while the Final Report summaries project activities.


Topics of Interest

The resource center is divided into four main categories: Foundations, Access, Preservation, and Authentication. These topics will help you understand your records and responsibilities, options for providing access, methods and tools for preservation, and issues surrounding authentication of legislative and legal materials. 



This portion of the Resource Center covers issues about understanding your records, recognizing your responsibilities, acquiring content, and choosing appropriate formats and standards. These concepts will help you understand and develop strategies for preserving or providing access to digital content. Links to white papers produced by the NDIIPP project team as well as outside resources are provided.



One of the main goals of the NDIIPP project was to explore issues surrounding providing access to legislative records. The project team explored many different topics such as understanding how to create ADA accessible web pages, developing a legislative metadata schema and XML wrapper, and evaluating an XML-native database solution. We also investigated web archiving and worked with the Sunlight Foundation to determine best methods for opening up government data and creating open access web pages and a mobile application.



The Minnesota NDIIPP project focused on the preservation of digital legislative content. Early on we determined that with the wide variety of partner resources and individualized environments across the states, there was not a one-size-fits-all preservation solution that would meet the needs of all project partners. We tested and documented various preservation solutions, allowing partners to educate themselves about some of the available options.

Partners consistently expressed concern about costs. Each state must assess costs based on its own situation and environment. To assist with this assessment, MHS team members produced a business case template that poses important questions to guide evaluation.



Project partners identified authentication of digital material—the process by which information is assured to be what it appears or claims to be—as a common interest. The trustworthiness of legislative legal materials was of particular interest. This section provides references to white papers that address authentication issues, as well as to information on the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act. Links to additional resources are also provided.


Resource Center Site Map

A site map of all of the pages within the resource center is provided here.

Related materials can be found on the NDIIPP Project website by topic and activity date.


Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thank you to the Library of Congress for supporting this project through the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and to our project partners.

Library of Congress NDIIPP Website



Questions or comments can be directed to Project Director, Jennifer Jones, or State Archivist Shawn Rounds.

Jennifer Jones, Project Director

Shawn Rounds, State Archivist

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