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Access White Papers


Descriptions of and links to the papers produced in conjunction with the NDIIPP project that relate to access issues are listed below. Additional information on access issues can be found on the Access page of this Resource Center.


White Papers


Making web content accessible to people with disabilities improves accessibility for everyone. This paper summarizes Internet accessibility standards and regulations that apply to state government entities, discusses the rationale for making improvements, and identifies resources that address ways to implement accessible web design.

- Web Content Accessibility December 2010 (pdf)


Business Case for Digital Preservation

Access is often a driver for digital preservation. The following paper lists essential elements of a business case, and discusses some of the issues to consider when developing a digital preservation business case.

- Business Case for Digital Preservation October 2011 (pdf)

A Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit created by the Jisc funded SPRUCE Project can be found here. August 2013


Digitization and Format Information

In the effort to provide access to as much information as possible, many organizations digitize their older materials. The use of digital audio and video files is also common. Some organizations may also archive certain web pages and provide access to them. The following resources provide information about issues to consider and current standards at the time of writing.

- Retrospective Digitization white paper and resources March 2009

- Digital Audio and Video white paper and resources May 2009

- Web Archiving and Evaluation October 2009. November 2010


Legislative Data

Providing access to legislative records is a main function of certain government agencies. One paper below discusses what some of these records are. The other discusses how different organizations use metadata to describe these record types.

- Legislative History Resources January 2009

- Legislative Metadata Comparison March 2011


Use and Reuse of Open Government Data

The more open government data is the more useful it can be. The easier it is to use, the more it will get used. The following papers discuss various methods for making government data easier to use and reuse.

- Options for Improving Access to Legislative Records June 2009 (pdf)

- Best Practice Principles for Opening Up Government Information March 2011 (pdf)

- Government Data Mashups January 2009 (pdf)



XML is a common format used with legislative data. Three of the project's partner states were using XML in the bill drafting process. The use of an XML native database was explored as an access option. The following resources describe XML native databases in general and provide a background on how XML is being used by state governments. More information on the XML native database pilot project can be found under the Access Projects and Tools page.

- XML Native Databases and Legislative Documents December 2009 (pdf)

- Comparison Chart of State Use of XML Bill Drafting Systems February 2009 (pdf)


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