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Preservation White Papers


Descriptions of and links to the papers and resources produced in conjunction with the NDIIPP project that relate to preservation issues are listed below. Additional information on preservation issues can be found on the Preservation page of this Resource Center.


White Papers and Resources


Business Case

Digital preservation is a continuous process and to be effective must be part of a routine. A business case is one way to make others aware of the issues associated with digital preservation and how their assets might be affected over the long-term if not addressed. This resource points to a list of essential elements for a business case, discusses some of the issues to consider when developing a business case for digital preservation, and provides resources for additional information.

- Business Case October 2011 (pdf)

A Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit created by the Jisc funded SPRUCE Project can be found hereAugust 2013


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the methods being considered for preserving digital materials. This paper explains cloud computing, its characteristics, and deployment models as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Other issues to consider when thinking about cloud storage are addressed.  The resource list links to other sources with a variety of information on cloud computing.  

- Cloud Computing paper with resource list August 2011 (pdf)


Needs Assessment

To determine the best preservation solutions for your institution, you will need to look at your records and perform a needs assessment.  A needs assessment answers the overarching questions of what do you have, what do you need to keep, and for how long.  This resource provides more information on conducting a needs assessment as well as a selection of specific questions aimed at helping you understand and assess your collection.

- Needs Assessment February 2012 (pdf)


Exploring Preservation Options

The Digital File Preservation Options grid lays out issues as well possible responses in a "simple, better, best" format. The grid can be used to evaluate current practices - what level do current digital preservation activities fall into. The grid can also be used to assist with prioritizing resources to care for the records most at risk or with the most need.

- Digital File Preservation Options grid February 2012 (pdf)


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Preservation System

Use the following questions and their respective answers to determine if the repository you are considering will meet your current and projected future needs. The factors determined most important will influence decisions.  

- Preservation Factors to Consider February 2012 (pdf)


Preservation Plan

A preservation plan is a document that provides a framework to address an institution's overall preservation goals. The following paper provides an introduction to developing a preservation plan by pointing out resources and identifying common elements of successful preservation plans.

- Developing a Preservation Plan February 2012 (pdf)


Preservation Models

This resource describes five models others have used as storage options that may or may not include preservation components.  The models range from doing nothing, utilizing an existing service, to creating your own system from the ground up.  It is important to investigate the details of all options before making a selection as the level of preservation varies with each. 

- Preservation Option Models February 2012 (pdf)


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