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Digital Preservation Cost Models

Digital Preservation Cost Models

Determining the cost of digital preservation is very difficult. Costs will vary greatly with requirements, scale, file types, current environment, and the type of system developed or chosen. Use a business case to address these issues and develop an appropriate cost model.


Developing a Business Case

Digital preservation is a continuous process and to be effective must be part of a routine. When trying to determine the costs associated with digital preservation for your situation, you can use a business case to help build a case for a digital preservation program. It is also one way to make others aware of the issues associated with digital preservation and how their assets might be affected over the long-term if not addressed.

The following paper provides a list of essential elements for a business case, discusses some of the issues to consider when developing a business case for digital preservation, and provides resources for additional information.

In additions a Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit created by the Jisc funded SPRUCE Project can be found here (August 2013)


Digital Preservation Cost Research Papers

Some of the following articles may also help assist you in your research in assisting with costs.

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Cost Model for Digital Preservation: Cost of Digital Migration. March 2011.

Cost Modeling for Long-Term Digital Preservation Challenges and Issues. 2011.

Digital Preservation Policies Study. October 2008.

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Toward Developing a Framework of Cost Elements for Preserving Authentic Electronic Records into Perpetuity. 2002.

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