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Open Data

Open data is the idea that certain information should be freely available to anyone who wishes to use it. Government data often falls into this category. The following two resources were created to assist with making government data more open and accessible for those who wish to use or reuse the information.

- Options for Improving Access to Legislative Records June 2009 (pdf)

The NDIIPP project team worked with the Sunlight Foundation to learn more about how Sunlight gathers data, what data is most useful, in general what formats and metadata are appropriate, and what can be improved upon.

- Best Practice Principles for Opening Up Government Information March 2011 (pdf)



A data mashup has come to describe the practice of combining two or more sets of data electronically to enhance current meaning or create new meaning, where the original data and the resulting product are all usually available on the Internet. The more open the data is the easier it is for use and reuse.

This white paper examines why government entities may want to make public data available for mashups and how government data may be improved as a result.

- Mashups Using Government Data January 2009 (pdf)


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