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Preservation System Tests


The Minnesota NDIIPP project tested three preservation systems itself, and closely followed related activities by others.

In the process of testing these systems, we began to understand the many different factors to consider when reviewing or selecting a preservation system.


Minnesota Historical Society Preservation Tests

The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) tested three systems in depth; Merritt, California Digital Library's (CDL) repository; Tessella's Safety Deposit Box (SDB); and CDL's Web Archiving Service (WAS).

Basic repository functionality was tested using Merritt and SDB. Basic functions included ingest (individual files, batch processes, and complex objects), storage (type and organization), export (individual files, batch processes, and ease of process), object description (file details captured by system), documentation of the system itself, and available access options.

The Web Archiving Service was tested to learn more about how web content was collected, stored, and made accessible through a web archive.

Links to more information on the systems as well as the NDIIPP reports are provided below.


Merritt: A repository services from the University of California Curation Center (UC3) that lets the UC community manage, archive, and share its digital content. Merritt uses passive preservation. A report on testing Merritt can be found here.

Safety Deposit Box (SDB): Developed by Tessella to address both passive and active preservation; the project tested a multi-tenancy instance of the service. Information on the pilot project and reports can be found on the project webpage. (Note: This link takes you out of CAROL.)

Web Archiving Service (WAS): The Web Archiving Service, created by the California Digital Library, uses Heritrix to crawl the web. The system allows you to select a starting page, the crawl scope, and other elements. General information on web archiving and a case study of the WAS can be found here.


Related Preservation Project Activities

The Minnesota NDIIPP project also followed other institutions' experiences with digital preservation systems. Details on these are provided below.

Tennessee State Library and Archives: Minnesota NDIIPP partner, the Tennessee State Library and Archives, worked with the Washington State Digital Archives, another NDIIPP project, to test the audio indexing tool used in Washington State's Digital Archives.

KEEP: The Kansas State Historical Society, a Minnesota NDIIPP partner, assisted with the development of the Kansas Enterprise Electronic Preservation (KEEP) System; a trusted digital repository for Kansas government records. KEEP addresses access, preservation and authentication needs of government records. Ingest of initial material is expected in spring 2012, with public access in the summer of 2012. More about KEEP can be found here.

Minnesota Digital Library: The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) Preservation Project studied aspects of preservation repositories and developed a matrix for evaluating repository options for their specific needs. Unlike the systems MHS tested, MDL was not able to evaluate all of the systems in their options grid first hand. Information on their process and results can be found on their project home page.


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