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Web Archiving

Web Archiving

The World Wide Web is a constantly evolving resource for all types of information.  As more and more official records are made accessible online, archivists and librarians need to determine if archiving websites is the appropriate way to make these records available for long-term access. 

The introductory paper below provides a general background of web archiving and introduces some of the topics one should be aware of before creating a web archive and/or working with a web archiving service.

In early 2009, NDIIPP staff evaluated both Archive-It and the University of California's Web Archiving Service (WAS) and summarized the two services in the following document. This evaluation provides a firsthand description of the features of both services, what the results were, and how they functioned with search and access to content.

Note: At the time of comparison, the Web Archiving Service was still in beta form and was not yet released to the public. Since the 2009 testing, the Web Archiving Service was released to the public. A case study of the Web Archiving Study is used in the white paper.

- Web Archiving White Paper November 2010 (pdf)

- Web Archives Evaluation/Comparison October 2009 (pdf)


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