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Most states utilize digital audio and video to offer online access to legislative floor sessions and committee meetings, enhancing access to government activities for a greater number of people.  These sessions are often streamed live as well as archived for a certain period of time.  Working with digital audio and video files brings about new questions when it comes to best practices and standards.


Survey of State Use of Digital Audio and Video in the Legislature

As found online, this report illustrates what technologies individual states are using to share digital audio and video files with constituents. The report summarizes if states are providing access to live feed, archived files, or both; what file formats are used and what media player is required; provides links to associated files; and summarizes individual state situations.

This survey is also Appendix 2 in the white paper.


White Paper

This paper summarizes various components of digital audio and video files and covers important issues to consider when working with such files.   Topics address quality, best practices and standards, delivery methods, and preservation, storage and access concerns.


Resource List

A list of resources is provided as an appendix of the white paper, however the resource list itself can also be found here.


NDIIPP Project Homepage


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