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Recent State Archives Acquisitions: September 2020

Background Information

The most significant acquisition this month is a substantive collection of birth and death records for most of Hubbard County's townships and cities. The records were transferred by the Hubbard County Recorder, and are a significant addition to the collection because of the extent of townships and cities documented. The records will be very useful for family history research. It's been unusual for county recorders to transfer their township/city birth and death records (if extant in their offices), but the State Archives and the Health Department's Office of Vital Records are actively encouraging county recorders to transfer such records to the State Archives. Also valuable for family and local history research are a clerk's book (dated 1860-1868, 1874-1875) and an attendance register (dated 1874-1875) for School District No. 25 (Crystal Lake Township) in Hennepin County. The records were donated by an individual whose family were early residents of the school district in present-day Crystal and Robbinsdale. While many Hennepin County school districts are represented in the State Archives collection, this school district is not documented, and the donated records are valuable because they cover such an early time period in the county's history.

The St. Paul Public Schools are also well represented in the State Archives, including Central High School and Monroe Community School. A nice addition to the collection is a W.P.A. alphabet book (dated 1939) of Central High School. The book, with text and block print illustrations, was dedicated to the W.P.A. workers who built the high school's stadium. The text was written in the Creative Writing Class, and the block print illustrations were done by the Arts II Class. Also, a group photograph of the dedication of the Monroe Community School's peace playground dated September 2001 was transferred. The two items complement extensive sets of records of the two schools preserved in the State Archives.

Particularly valuable to document economic and community development in St. Paul are resolutions (dated 1959-2017) of the St. Paul Port Authority. The records complement a significant set of Port Authority records, dating from 1932, preserved in the State Archives.


1. Hennepin County. School District No. 25 (Crystal Lake Township). Clerk's book (dated 1860-1868, 1874-1875), and attendance register (dated 1874-1875). 2 volumes.

2. Hubbard County. Records (dated 1888-1988), including birth and death records, chattel mortgage record books and other records of 30 townships and cities in the county. Also, a motor vehicle index (dated 1919-1921) of the Recorder. 9 boxes.

3. Ramsey County. St. Paul Public Schools. A W.P.A. alphabet book (dated 1939) of Central High School. Also, a group photograph of the dedication of the Monroe Community School's peace playground (dated September 2001. 1 folder, 1 oversize folder.

4. Ramsey County. St. Paul Port Authority. Resolutions dated 1959-2017. 9 boxes.


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Updated October 13, 2020.