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Managing Your Government Records: Guidelines for Archives and Agencies

Version 3; September 2009

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Table of Contents

Introduction HTML | PDF
Describes who will benefit from these guidelines, what the guidelines contain, and how to use them.

1. What do you need to know about government records? HTML | PDF
Presents the definition of government records and summarizes the laws that govern them.

2. How do you appraise government records? HTML | PDF
Presents the many values a government record can have and helps you get started appraising your own records.

3. How do you describe government records? HTML | PDF
Discusses the practices of good documentation and record description and shows how these practices can help you manage your archives more effectively.

4. What are the issues regarding information technology and electronic records? HTML | PDF
Presents a discussion on information technology and electronic records, and informs you on how advancing technology affects your archives-related work.

5. How do you preserve and store government records? HTML | PDF
Gives you many preservation and storage tips that you can use to improve the lives of your paper and nonpaper records.

6. How do you provide access to government records? HTML | PDF
Discusses the importance of providing access to your records, as well as your responsibilities when complying with the statutes that govern record access.

7. Appendices HTML
Contain Requirements for the Disposition/Transfer of Government Records to Other Repositories, a Government Records Depository Agreement model, a list outlining access to local government records, and the version history of these guidelines. (PDFs available for each appendix individually on this page.)

8. Glossary HTML | PDF
A complete glossary to help you understand many of the terms commonly used in archives management and preservation. As well as links to additional glossaries. (The PDF version includes only Minnesota specific terms.)

You also have the option to download the complete Managing Your Government Records:
Guidelines for Archives and Agencies in PDF (318 KB)