Field Trips: Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse.

Experience the sights and history behind this signature Minnesota landmark while learning about the region and technology that made such a marvel a necessity.

A group of people at the Split Rock Lighthouse visitor center.

Core experience

Grades K–12
A visit to Minnesota’s most recognized landmark challenges students to learn through four engaging stations, each 15-20 minutes. Bookings include a showing of our 13-minute film. Topics include:

Minnesota Industry
Lesson discusses the history of the fur trade, logging, commercial fishing, and iron ore mining as well as their impacts on people and the environment.

Lesson provides an overview of different navigational methods through time, ranging from past techniques, such as celestial and geo-navigation, to modern systems like radar and global positioning systems (GPS).

Regional Geography (Lake Superior)
Lesson explains how Lake Superior was formed, facts about the lake, and discusses how people have changed the lake/waterways to accommodate shipping.

Light Station Technology
Lesson covers the development of different lighthouse optics and lens rotation methods, as well as the evolution of fog signals and how signals (like Split Rock’s) would have worked.

Academic standards

All programs support state of Minnesota academic standards in social studies.

Split Rock Lighthouse

3713 Split Rock Lighthouse Rd
Two Harbors MN, 55616


  • $6 per student, $60 minimum group fee
  • District staff free
  • One free adult per 10 students

Billing information

No payment will be accepted the day of the field trip. All schools will be invoiced after their trip. For more information see our Program Policies.

Cancellation fee

Cancellations must be received 14 days before your trip. See our Program Policies. Contact us at 1-888-387-5008 if you need to reschedule.


  • Length: 90 to 120 minutes (For groups under time constraints, specific stations can be chosen.)
  • Picnic facilities are available in the adjacent Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.
  • Free bus parking
  • For groups smaller than 20, the core experience will be modified to better accommodate group size.

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