Primary Source Packet: Data of the Progressive Era

Deaths From All Causes in Minnesota. Pie chart. 1887–1891.

Engage students and offer perspectives about historical people and events.

The Data of the Progressive Era Primary Source Packet provides resources that familiarize students with historical collection and presentation of data. The data sets in this packet and the corresponding guiding questions provide an avenue for integrating data, and the stories they tell, into the history curriculum.

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  • 19 Reproductions of Primary Sources
  • Discussion questions, context, vocabulary, guiding questions for each source

Sources included:

  • Migration of Georgia Negroes. Data map. 1890.
  • Deaths From All Causes in Minnesota. Pie chart. 1887–1891.
  • Beaulieu’s Homeseeker’s Map of the Red Lake Reservation. 1896.
  • Cycling Routes Around the Twin Cities. Map. 1899.
  • United States Census, 1900. Minneapolis, 6th Ward.
  • The Appeal. Newspaper. September 14, 1901. Page 1.
  • Winter Count, Lakhóta culture. Pictorial Calendar. 1798-1904.
  • Oliver Iron Mining Company Nationality Statement. Chart. 1907.
  • United States Census, 1910. Chisholm Village, 3rd Precinct.
  • Map of Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota. 1911.
  • New members secured by Theresa B. Peyton for the St. Paul Political Equality Club. List. 1911.
  • Suffrage March Line. Parade Map. 1913.
  • Table 9. Number of Employees in Specified Wage Groups, Compensation Cases Closed in 1914–1916.
  • Open and Close Season in Minnesota. Chart. 1915.
  • Summary of Marriage Laws. Chart. 1916.
  • Population by Color or Race. Chart. 1916.
  • Table I. Information for Suffrage Workers Upon the Employment of Women. 1917.
  • Ah-Gwah-Ching Sanatorium Patient’s Register. Ledger. 1918.
  • The Advance of Prohibition. Pamphlet. 1918.

Academic standards alignment

The Data of the Progressive Era Primary Source Packet is designed to engage your students and enrich their ability to read and analyze data. Incorporating these sources, or adapting the questions and activities for other sources, into your teaching will help meet your curricular objectives and academic standards, whether they are content or skills related.

We have aligned this packet with state and national standards and benchmarks for grades 6–12. The links below outline the standards alignment for this packet.