Chaperone Guide: Minnesota History Center

Chaperone parking information

On-site parking for vans and cars only is available at the History Center Museum for a fee. The History Center cannot validate chaperone parking.

Directions and Parking Information | Directions and Parking (PDF)

Chaperone tips

  • Ask your group leader about your schedule and which exhibits the students should visit.
  • Write down the time and place for lunch, lessons and departure.
  • Print the Chaperone Guide (PDF).
  • Learn the names and faces of the students in your group and make sure they know your name.
  • Review Museum Manners with your students.
  • Keep your group in one exhibit at a time.
  • Explore the museum and encourage questions. You don’t need to know the answers — just help students find their own answers and discuss.
  • If you have questions, ask a staff member!
  • Count your students before moving to another area.

Field trip preview

Watch this short video to get a preview of what you'll experience at the History Center.

Minnesota History Center

345 West Kellogg Boulevard  
St. Paul, MN 55102  
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  • $8 per student
  • +$2 per lesson per student
  • $80-$120 minimum group fee (depending on program)
  • District staff FREE
  • One free adult per five students. Additional chaperones invoiced at student rate.
  • Admission costs are for anyone age 4 and over

Billing information

No payment will be accepted the day of the field trip. All schools will be invoiced after their trip. For more information see our Program Policies.

Cancellation fee

Cancellations must be received 14 days before your trip. See our Program Policies. Contact us at 1-888-387-5008 if you need to reschedule.