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Letter from Georgiana Sonnen

Letter from Georgiana Sonnen in St. Paul to her husband John, serving in Germany, dated August 15, 1945.


Wednesday, Aug 15th

Dear Darling-

Two of your letters from Konigsee came yesterday. I suppose the sheets on the beds seemed very elegant but I'd wished you would have elaborated on the steak you had for dinner.

I'm sorry you won't need the swim trunks. I'd sort of figured you wouldn't get them in time but all the trouble I had in getting them makes me insist you go swimming even if it requires cutting a hole in the ice. Otherwise darling, I won't be so impetuous to get everything you ask for. (Teasing? Yes!)

Stuart got to see all there was to see of Victory day. I drove him everyplace I thought there'd be anything of interest. But nothing was as impressive as the little kids in this block. They formed a parade of their own and with regret I took Stuart out of rank to see mediocre sights.

Stuart's mother got in on Bette's open house last night to celebrate V-J. Her folks are on vacation and we all got chances to go downtown at least twice. It was an all night affair — in fact, nothing need be added once I say there was open house at Droege's. Only this time there was not the usual hilarity. Too much lonesomeness, I guess, but anyway I got in at a decent hour.

I haven't yet enjoyed the pleasure of driving into a filling station to say "fill 'er up." Gez but that's going to be a wonderful sensation.

There are more things than this that I should be writing about tonight but they aren't important so I'll desist.

We're all well, busy and miss you terribly.


Letter from Georgiana Sonnen
Letter from Georgiana Sonnen