Minnesota's Greatest Generation

Tire certificate, May 5, 1945

About 90% of our country's rubber supply was cut off when Japan captured the Dutch East Indies and Malaya in the Pacific during the war, and the government issued strict orders that rubber must be conserved. Tires for vehicles were rationed from January 1942 to December 1945. This tire certificate was issued to H.O. Lindberg of the International Shoe Company of St. Paul, while on the road in Pipestone, Minnesota.

The certificate reminds drivers of their duty to conserve by the admonitions "The Attack Rolls On Rubber...Take Care of Your Tires!" and "You Have Been Entrusted With A Share Of America's Precious Rubber Supply...Guard It Carefully!"

Creator: Office of Price Administration
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society
Date: 1945
Identifer: accession 1998.324.13.C

Tire certificate, May 5, 1945
Tire certificate, May 5, 1945, page 2