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Moving Pictures Film Entries for 2006

"The American Depression: Portraits of Neil Bain & Rose Newpower"

Nick Bain
"The American Depression: Portraits of Neil Bain and Rose Newpower" captures the stories of two long time friends whose experiences in life have been remarkably different and equally interesting. The film focuses primarily on their time within the Depression.

"Bravura Storytelling: Childhood During the Depression & War"

Max Selim
Professional artists James Bakkom and Evelyn Selim elaborate on their uniquely charming childhoods through an array of stories, photographs, and their own paintings. "Bravura Storytelling" launches its audience back into the wonders and predicaments from remarkably contrasting childhoods during the '20s, '30s, and '40s.

"Camp Gegoka"

Joan Sennette
This film chronicles city boys in the wilds of Minnesota in the Civilian Conservation Corps (1935). A re-creation using original survey maps, notes, stories, and photographs by my father Dale Sennette.along with sounds of the wild.

"Children of the Great Depression"

Jeff Miller
This film depicts the life of people growing up during the Depression in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the farmlands of Minnesota.

"Coney Island of the West"

Ryan Thompson
"Coney Island of the West" is a story of a tourist paradise that was defined by the Depression, War, and Boom.

"The Erickson Homestead: Watson, MN"

Carolyn Zarling
For the Erickson children of rural Watson, Minnesota, daily life centered around home, school, and church. Created entirely from family photos, interviews, and memorabilia, this film chronicles key events from their childhood years during the Great Depression.

"Eiler Henrickson: A Gentlemen of Great Magnitude"

Aleshia Mueller
This is the legacy of a man from Deerwood, MN who has become a model wrestler, a world-renowned geologist, and is a good-hearted human being that likes adventure and looks for the best in others.

"Fabulous Duty! Fabulous Duty!"

Carlo Montgomery
Harold J. Bernard shares with us his wartime experiences as a seventeen-year-old Navy enlistee who was abruptly graduated from the Regular Navy Signalman School and sent to serve in the Navy Armed Guard Signalman on the merchant ship SS Ventura Hills.

"The Farmers' Holiday Association"

Jonathan Zarling & Isaac Clipperton
The Farmers' Holiday Association was an organization of Mid-western farmers, which formed as a result of the Great Depression. During this period, the growing years of the Greatest Generation, farmers were struggling to support their families. This film shows how they took organized and sometimes radical action to maintain their livelihood.

"Fata Buna 'Good Girl'"

Derek Bolden & Natalie Motu
Fata Buna "Good Girl" is a documentary following the charming life story of Ella Motu, matriarch and eldest daughter to a Romanian-American family in Minnesota. Her stories take us through a life full of tradition, family and gratitude, all against a societal backdrop of an economic depression and war.

"Father Bill Goes to War and on to the G.I. Bill"

Billy Golfus
"Father Bob Goes to War and on to the G.I. Bill" is about Bob Lesch and how he went to World War II with his two buddies Phil and Dick. Phil was killed at Normandy and Dick was killed elsewhere in France two weeks later. He returned home to become an Episcopal Priest and fought another kind of war against poverty and racism.

"From the Mediterranean to Minnesota"

Matt Olson & Joe Isaacs
This film chronicles the struggles Marcella Dinon and her family faced while living in North Africa and Europe during World War II.

"Greatest Generation Earl Bonde"

Bill and Karen Bonde
While many able-bodied young men went off overseas to serve their country, there were those who had to stay behind to run the family farm. Their contribution was not on the battlefield; their contribution was on the home front, sustaining the food supply. This is their story, as told by one of the unsung heroes, Earl Oscan Bonde.

"A Good Doctor" - Award Winner: Best Exploration of an Intergenerational Legacy

Maxine Davis
"A Good Doctor" is a snapshot of how a Minnesota boy comes of age during World War II and brings the memory of that war to the healing of his patients. View the film.

"Howard Fish Story"

Michael McIntee
The story of how the "Minnesota Rouser" helped Howard Fish escape from a World War II Nazi Germany Prisoner of War camp. It is an amazing triumph of loss for the Fish family of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

"I Will Come Back"

Robb Mitchell
"I Will Come Back" views Buffalo Soldier Samuel H. Grant through the generational eyes of three sons and a grandson. An African-American combat soldier in World War II Italy, Grant won two bronze stars for valor and the Purple Heart, and came home to engage the heroic fight for Civil Rights and transform America.

"Karole Farley: All That Freedom"

Jeremy Wilker & M. Rita Nagen
This film highlights the early singing career of Minneapolis chanteuse, Karole Farley. Performing in local ballrooms and clubs from Excelsior to Nisswa-she eventually meets her bandleader husband at an audition. They shared a life rich with children, family, and, of course, music.

"La Busta 'I'm Here to Pay It'"

Linda Dandl Narducci
This story walks in the footsteps of a young boy from his roots along side the Mississippi river to his close steps with death, including the 19 months he spent as a German prisoner of war, and the subsequent years that followed.

"Mac-My Father"

Michael McIntee
This is the story of "Mac"-my father-and how his death sent me on a journey to discover my family's history.

"Maggie's Farm"

Mike Wick
"Maggie's Farm" tells the story of Maggie Wick and her experiences growing up on a farm and then in the city during the Great Depression and World War II.

"Making the Best of Hard Times" - Award Winner: Best Depiction of Childhood/Adolescent Life

Roger Bindl
"Making the Best of Hard Times" is a brief look at the lives of six people that grew up during the 1930s. As teens and pre-teens they worked and played during a Great Depression, yet thought little of it.this was the life they knew. View the film.

"My Grandma Lucy" - Award Winner: Best Collaborative Effort

Tom and Ali Drube
"My Grandma Lucy" is a story about an adolescent girl during the 1940s, as seen through the eyes of her granddaughter. Lucy lived through these times with tuberculosis and grew up in sanatoriums, but she still remained hopeful throughout it all. View the film.

"My Youth in St. Paul"

John & Johnny Fuerst
Millie Fuerst grew up in a small corner of St. Paul and worked during the Great Depression. She passed her values to succeeding generations simply by living here. She may not make front-page news, but her story is the spice that made her one of Minnesota's Greatest Generation.

"An Ordinary Man.An Extraordinary Life"

Gwen Briesemeister
This biographical sketch highlights the miraculous life of Maynard Nordquist. Blind from birth, Maynard's dogged determination to overcome his disability led him down paths few have traveled. From carpenter to electrician, musician to mayor, Maynard's extraordinary tale is told.


Lisa Wagner
Charlie Neren, a lively ninety-four-year-old fellow, gives a tour through his historic St. Paul home. Along the way, details of his life, work, and family emerge against the colorful backdrop of his displays in miniature, which include cattle scenes, the Shrine Circus, and much more.

"Red Tail Reborn"

Tim Barzen & Adam White
"Red Tail Reborn" will detail the history of the P-51C Mustang named Tuskegee Airmen. The film will tell the story of this plane's history, the people who championed her cause, her restoration, her tour of the country and the lives she touched. It will examine the story of the WWII aviators the Tuskegee Airmen and their heroic and overlooked history.

"A Sacred Heart" - Award Winner: Emerging Filmmaker

Norah Shapiro
"A Sacred Heart" follows Minnesota Poet Phebe Hanson on a journey back to her childhood hometown on the prairie, Sacred Heart, Minnesota. Her own historical artifacts, alone with the observations of several fellow writers, and her own poetry, evoke both the era in which she grew up, and her literary legacy. View the film.

"A Satisfied Life: The Legacy of Ted Wryk" - Award Winner: Best Film

Freya Schirmacher
Ted Wryk, like others of his generation, experienced the Depression, World War II, and the post-war boom with a sense of commitment and purpose. This film explores how Ted's life has been shaped by these defining values, and how these values inspire successive generations to the ideal of a "Satisfied Life." View the film.

"Searching for Norman"

Luke Taylor
See a family learn the facts about a long lost loved one-and witness a moving tribute by a community who never forgot the sacrifice of one of Minnesota's Greatest Generation.

"So What Else Do You Want? The Michael Drabik Story"

Michael McIntee
Michael Drabik of Poland is captured by Nazis and spends years in a slave labor camp during World War II. At the end of the War, Poland is occupied by Russia and Michael chooses to spend years in a displaced persons camp until he gets his golden chance to come to America.

"Walter Halloran Combat Photographer"

John Jansen
Walter Halloran chronicled the major events of World War II-D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, and the liberation of Buchenwald. His movie camera captures these images to create a permanent record for generations to come. In this film, Walter Halloran tells us what it was like to be there.

"We Could Even See Their Faces"

Lori Radcliffe
This documentary has Paul Racer narrating stories from his experiences in the Army Air Corp during World War II. He was a tactical reconnaissance pilot and flew a P-51 Mustang during the Battle of the Bulge and was the first pilot over the Rhine river into Germany.

"Wings Clipped"

Rob Barros
This is the story of Sweet Sioux, a B-24 Bomber shot down over France in March of 1944 and a Resistance operative who assisted the airmen. In weaving several oral and written histories together, this film details what downed airmen and Resistance personnel faced in enemy occupied France.