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Title: Anti-abolitionist Article
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1860
Source: St. Paul Pioneer and Democrat

Description: The author of this article for the St. Paul Pioneer and Democrat disagrees with the actions of the abolitionists in the Eliza Winston rescue.


Another Abduction Case—Outrageous Conduct of the Abolitionists.

JOHN NININGER and ABRAM ELFELT, Esqs., Esquire; title of respect. came down from Lake Harriet, yesterday afternoon, and have given us particulars of another abduction on the part of the Abolitionists, and of their infamous conduct, Bad behavior. all of which these gentlemen witnessed, that will make our citizens blush to read.

It appears that the family of Col. Christian, A mistake; should be Christmas. of Mississippi, were residing at Mrs. THORNTON'S, on the lake, and yesterday afternoon they were surprised to see some twenty men enter upon the grounds, some of them armed with guns. Instead of taking the travelled paths, they rode over and trampled down—the plants and shrubbery, and entered the house and behaved in the most rude and insolent Rude and insulting. manner. They were headed by Mr. Stout, the Sheriff of the county, who, individually, behaved courteously, but the other, whether connected with him as deputies or happening along at the time, as they asserted, and joined the party, were a disgrace to the community among whom they reside.

The Sheriff stated that he had a warrant Legal document. to "ELIZA," a servant girl of MRS. CHRISTIAN, and must take her along with him but did not produce the warrant, or any authority for the act. The girl said she did not want to go, and went out to the back of the house to hide, but the house being almost surrounded by the posse, Group of men helping the sheriff. she was found and taken away. Some of the party also stated that they were also going to arrest some of MRS. PRINCE'S negroes, who have been living in the vicinity since the affair at the International Hotel in this city. Our informants, however, do not know whether they accomplished their purpose or not.

The gentlemen who have given us the above particulars are inclined to believe that the girl has been tampered with, Meddled. and perhaps had told these people that she desired to leave her mistress, and that possibly the sheriff had authority in the premises, but they most emphatically assert that the conduct of all, with the exception of the sheriff, showed that what they most desired was to insult the family.