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The Civil War

Title: Letter From Fort Snelling
Type: Letter
Date: 1861
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Edward L. Davis, a member of the Minnesota First regiment, wrote this letter during his training at Fort Snelling.


Fort Snelling May 4th 1861 8 pm

Friend Emma

I take a brief oportunity to drop you a line and give you a small sketch of a soldier's life. I should have written before but - I suppose you have heard as much about us by other sources. Since we left, as I could have written. We are all well generally and enjoying ourselves first rate. We have had a good time ever since we left home. Andrew Teele, and J. Going were here yesterday and took tea Ate a light meal, served with hot tea. with us Red Wing boys we were all glad to see them I ashure you, and had a good time with them while here. - Teele made us a nice little speech after tea and assured us that we were missed by all we left behind. They went to St. Paul last night. But here comes now ashure as I write I must see how he does... Just had a hearty shake of hands with him he said he could not go home till he came and see us on Parade... Drilling and marching. we are being put under a thorough drill of 6 hours a day 3 in forenoon and 3 in the P.M. The whole ten companys form a Regimental Parade on the Parade ground outside the fort at 3 P.M. and go through drill the same as in Battle. Under the Colonel Command. It is a fine sight but we shall make a much better display when we get our uniforms. Hundreds of spectators are present every day to wittness us through the Parade drill. The drum is beating for us to muster Assemble. for drill and I must go...