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The Civil War

Title: List of Red Wing Volunteers
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1861
Source: Goodhue County Republican

Description: This article in the Goodhue County Republican listed the Red Wing volunteers who enlisted to serve in the Civil War.


The "Goodhue Volunteers"

The "Goodhue Volunteers" is the first company, we believe, outside of the organized military of the State that has been offered to the Governor under his call for one regiment of men. Immediately upon the issue of the Governors proclamation An official announcement. a movement was set on foot for the raising of a company in this county, and within five days the ranks were full, and some to spare. It is the intention to have the company composed of one hundred men, but, as early as last Tuesday, one hundred and fourteen had offered their services. Much credit is due to Mr. Colvill, the popular Captain of the company, for the great success that has attended the movement. The volunteers are, without exception, fine looking fellows, and above the average run of men in physical capacity. Most of them, from their habits of life, are inured to hard labor, hence, when proficient Skilled. in the drill of the service, will make the best of soldiers. They are all "eager for the fray," Ready to join in the fighting. and when called upon to act, we know they will render a good account. Do a good job. It required much nerve and determination in some cases to withstand the appeals of affection and the entreaties Begging. of friends, but conscious that the cause was worthy of the sacrifice they turned not away from their purpose. Not convinced to change their minds. - The blessings of their country go with them. The company are ready, and are now awaiting marching orders.

The following is the organization and list of members:

Captain, WM. Colvill, Mr.
1st Lierutenant A.E. Welch
2d     "     M. A. Hoyt
Ist Sergeant Martin Mginnis,
2d     "     C.P. Clark,
3d     "     Hezekiah Bruce,
4th     "     H.T. Bevans
1st Corporal, John Barrow
2d     "     A.E. Scofield
3d     "     George Knight,
4th     "     Charles Harris,
Bugler, R.N. Bevans

Jonas P. Davis,
E.L. Davis,
Elijah M. Thomas,
Fred. E. Miller,
J.C. McClure,
J.C. McClenthen,
Theodore S. Wood,
Robert W. Leeson,
Williamson Crary,
Paul Nelson,
E.A. Jackson,
J.C. F. Hobart,
A. Bamber,
J.R. Brown,
W.W. Clark,
Wm. Gordon,
Henry Bennett,
D.C. Smith,
P. Burgh,
C.W. Scott,
A. Glazier,
A. P. Baker,
R. E. Jacobs,
S.E. Baldwn,
E.F. Grow,
J.F. Bachelor,
Alfred Bachelor,
J. M. Underwood,
O.W. Ludden,
C.W. Mills,
Lewis Cannon,
Wm. D. Hubbs,
R.C. Barnes,
W.W. Wilson,
W.B. Kitchell,
Frank Snyder,
L. McManus,
Edward Ash,
J. Ahneman,
Asa Howe,
Dirk Metselder,
P.R. Hamlin,
J.P. Kirkham,
Richard McGee,
George Moser,
Jefferson Banner,
C.W. Merritt,
German Anderson,
John Lindquist,
John Williams,
Ferris Johnson,
Hiram J. Rush,
M.B. Milliken,
John H. Smith,,
P.T. Galloway,
James W. Day,
T.G. Leeson,
W.D. Bennett,
George Atkinson,
W.S. Workman,
Fred. Crossman,
Geo. Harrison,
S. B. Dilley,
Lewis Quinnell,
Jas. A. Wright,
Christopher Eastman,
C.E. Hudson,
Wm. Duling,
T. Thompson,
Charles Adams,
George W. Wright,
S. B. Nilson,
William Eadon,
Marion Abbott,
George L. Lewis,
E.F. Pitcher,
David Schwieger,
Edward Berdan,
Geo. Normer,
Fred. Rembrant,
Hans Hoelstadt,
W.C. Riddle,
M.S. Standish,
Wm. Bryant,
P.T. Davis,
E. O. Williams,