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The Civil War

Title: Minnesota Troops at Gettysburg
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1863
Source: Goodhue County Republican

Description: The Goodhue County Republican published this account of the Minnesota regiments in the battle of Gettysburg.


The Glorious First Minnesota

Who that saw that noble body of men which composed the First Regiment of Minnesota's brave sons, but remembers what a fine body of men they were, and how nobly they have borne themselves through all the trying scenes of the past two years. They left our State 1,023 strong, bouyant Cheerful. with hope, and caring only to render to their country's flag that homage Honor. which they owed it as Americans and citizens of the Union.—They were the first three year's regiment to cross the Potomac, and helped cover the retreat of our army at Bull Run. July 1861 battle, which the Union forces lost. They have been in nearly all the battles which the Army of the Potomac Union army assigned to the eastern part of the country. has fought, and today they heart sickens and the tears come unbidden as we read the dispatch announcing that the glorious, honorable First Regiment, has but one hundred men and officers left. Where are those men? A voice comes up from many a gory field, saying "Gone! Gone! Gone!" Aye, they have gone to a better world; they fought the good fight , and are at rest from their work of blood and carnage; Slaughter. they have died that we may live—that the nation may live—and while we drop a tear to their memory—while we enjoy the pleasures of peace which their blood has purchased, let them be remembered in our daily oblations Religious offerings. to the God of battles. Read the record of their last fight: They numbered 410 when they went in:

WASHINGTON, July 8, 1863
Hon. A. Ramsey, Governor Alexander Ramsey. St. Paul:

Liet. E.L. Sproat writes from Gettysburg, July 3d, 9 o'clock P.M., that the First Regiment has less than one hundred men and officers left.

Col. Colvill is wounded.

Lieutenant Colonel Adams is mortally wounded.

Major Downie is wounded in the arm and foot.

Capt. Messick is reported dead.

Captains Miller, Berger, and Perlam, are dead.

Capt Farrel is reported mortally wounded.

Lieutenants Farrer and Lochren are Dead.

Liet. Polar is wounded and many others I cannot remember.

The men suffered equally. One brigade, 2,500 strong, has just drawn 400 rations, and that is all that is left of as fine a body of men as the world ever saw.

I hope this is overdrawn.


M.S. Wilkinson