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Dangers of Mining

Title: Safety Inspector's Report
Type: Book
Date: 1918
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This is the yearly report of mine safety inspector.


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, 1917-18.

"New rules and regulations governing all employes have been issued and posted conspicuously Where everyone could see them. and even printed in book form and circulated. These are extremely strenuous and emphatic Thorough and clear. in dealing with safety. As the first consideration it is made a duty of every man to know absolutely at all times the dangerous situation and hazards connected with operations wherein he may be concerned, and to be governed accordingly. Either he must remove or report any situation that he considers unsafe. Committees have been appointed from the ranks of the working men at all the leading mines for co-operating with the employers in this matter.

"In all cases I have found the mining companies solicitous Concerned. for the best conditions of safety for their men, and willing to comply with all reasonable requests for bettering the conditions. And at the present time I know of no dangers in the mines other than those common to the risk of mining."

Yours very truly,

Mine Inspector.