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Public Health

Title: Writings of Dr. Charles Hewitt
Type: Document
Date: 1896
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Charles Hewitt, director of the State Board of Health, wrote these notes about the importance of hygiene in the prevention of disease.


A section of the Society ought to be one field for such study, to help remove from our profession the reproach Criticism. that we are not workers for social health, nor interested in social advancement. The physician should claim and fill his position as a social force for these purposes where he lives. If he will do so, and bring the families he serves to appreciate and secure a clean soil, pure water, a clean house, with abundant pure air and sunlight, disease, vice, and physical degeneracy, Bad habits and poor health. will get a "set back", and health and happiness a boon Benefit. which no other man or class of men can give.

Will he do it?