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Title: Diagram of a Chute Dropping Water to a Turbine
Type: Diagram
Date: no date
Source: Descriptive Catalogue

Description: This cross-section diagram of part of the Pillsbury "A" Mill shows how water was transported to the turbines that were used to run the machinery in the mill.

Diagram of a Chute Dropping Water to a Turbine


  1. The turbine is located at the bottom of the water-filled pit or flume. Knowing what you do about waterwheels and turbines, what is the purpose of the flume?

  2. The description along the side of the diagram says that the unit has a 50 foot "head," meaning a drop of 50 feet. Is there any benefit in making the water go so far to reach the turbine?

  3. Can you tell from the source about how big this turbine is?

  4. Beside the words that tell you this flume was at a mill in Minneapolis (across from St. Anthony), what else might be a clue to where this mill was located?