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Moving Hibbing

Title: Collapse of the Sellers Hotel
Type: Newspaper
Date: January 6, 1921
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This article and photograph describe the collapse of the Sellers Hotel while moving.



Building Collapses on First Avenue Road Near Detention Hospital.

Accident Occurs Shortly After Two o'Clock Today—One Man Is Slightly Injured.

The Sellers hotel, three-story frame building being moved from its original site on Third avenue to South Hibbing, swerved off the road near the detention hospital This was a hospital where patients with communicable diseases were held. shortly before 2 o'clock this afternoon and collapsed. It is a total wreck, according to L. Pocket, housemover who was in charge of the moving operations.

The building, which was one of the largest to be moved, was being taken along the First Avenue highway . As the building started to slip away from the road it slid over to one side and then fell to pieces. Furniture and furnishings inside the building were a total wreck.

The crew at work escaped miraculously, One man who was underneath the building working at moving some heavy beams, was buried by the wreckage. He was located and escaped without any known injuries, He was taken to a local hospital. His name could not be learned.

This is the first serious house moving accident to occur in Hibbing. The Sellers is owned by a corporation A group of people who have invested in a venture (in this case the hotel) and work together to own and operate it. composed of local men who have purchased several buildings and are moving them to South Hibbing.