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Moving Hibbing

Title: Articles Against Moving Hibbing
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1919, 1921
Source: Hibbing Daily Tribune, Mountain Iron

Description: These two articles discuss a court action that some citizens of Hibbing filed to stop the moving.


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150 Hibbing Citizens Go into Courts to Prevent Taking Away of Streets

An injunction A legal act that either requires or prevents a certain action. to prevent the Village of Hibbing, Village Council. Oliver Iron Mining company and Mesaba Street Railway company from allowing, aiding, assisting or permitting either the tearing up or removal of the street railway line, roads highways, bridges, streets, Hibbing townsite, municipal These buildings were used by the local city government. buildings, appliances or any portion or portions of the original Hibbing was filed today in district court. The plaintiffs are 150 Hibbing citizens. Some of the more prominent ones are: H. P. Reed, W. J. Ryder, F.W. Erspamer, Roy Blake P.E. Clarke, Mike Saliminen, Abraham Sachs, W.R. Spensley and Frank Coventry.

The attorneys for the villagers seeking the injunction are C.G. Anderson of the Security Bank building of Hibbing and H.V. Mercer of Minneapolis.

The hearing for a temporary injunction will be heard, Saturday at o'clock before Judge Martin Hughes. The restraining order A legal document that prevents a person from doing a certain action. In this case, the movement of the town was halted until the court case could be completed. was granted Monday.

The "old Hibbing" involved includes where the present portion of Hibbing stands, including the Pillsbury and Southern additions in the old townsite.

The injunction also seeks to prevent the taxing of the villagers for any building or improvements in aid of the Central addition as against the present location.

The injunction also seeks to prevent the defendants from advertising the fact that bridges, streets, etc. will be removed from the present location. The property owners involved seek damages This is money given to the property owners to compensate them for their losses when moving the town. which they allege has been sustained as a result of the attempt to move the old Hibbing to the new.

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Village of Hibbing Has Not Plotted With Oliver Company to "Move" Hibbing

40 Day Stay of Judgment Granted—No Unlawful Acts by the Defendants

Judge Edward Freeman in district court, Hibbing, late Friday afternoon ordered findings, dissolving the temporary injunction granted H. P. Reed and other plaintiffs, These are the people who create a lawsuit against the defendants. to prevent the "moving of Hibbing." The defendants The people who are required to answer a lawsuit begun by a plaintiff. were the village of Hibbing, Oliver Iron Mining company and Mesaba Street Railway company. The plaintiffs alleged The plaintiffs are accusing the defendants of creating a conspiracy, but nothing has been proven at this time. that there was a conspiracy A plot against a person or company, in this case, the suggestion is that that some mine owners were working against the town of Hibbing. between the defendants to injure their (the plaintiffs') property located in the Southern and Pillsbury additions. The court ordered that the plaintiffs were not entitled to the relief Payment made in compensation for an action. The plaintiffs did not receive any payment as part of this court case. sought for.

The case, which was heard at the last February term of court in Hibbing lasted two weeks. H.V. Mercer and C.G. Anderson were the attorneys for the plaintiffs. C.E. Severance, Fryberger, Fulton & Spear and Victor L. Power, appeared for the defendants.