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Sea Wing Disaster

Title: Article About the Disaster
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1890
Source: St. Paul Daily Globe

Description: The St. Paul Daily Globe published this description of the wreck and the recovery efforts.



The Tornado on Pepin's Treacherous Bosom the Crowning Calamity Disaster. of All Minnesota's Annals.


At Least One Hundred and Twenty lives Swallowed Up by the Angry Waters of the Fatal Lake.

An Appalling Sacrifice to One Man's Determination to Brave the Fury of a Storm Irresistible.

Many Miles of River Line Plunged Into the Gloom of Mourning for the Fearful Death of Loved Ones Lost.

Red Wing Bowed Down With Grief and All Business Forgotten in the Presence of the Sublime Horror.

Lake City Under Martial Law, Restrictions to maintain order during a crisis. While the Brave But Ghastly Work of Recovery Proceeds.

Graphic Pen Pictures of the Frightful Descent of the Storm King Upon the Ill-Fated Sea Wing.

Endless Ages of Horror Condensed Into a Brief Half Hour When Death Rode on the Gale.