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The Strike of 1916

Title: Strikers' Demands
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 28, 1916
Source: Hibbing Daily Tribune

Description: This article lists what it was that the workers were hoping to get by walking out of their jobs.



The following demands are the demands made by the I.W.W. leaders Industrial Workers of the World, a labor union. and which the strike committee says it will present to the Oliver Iron Mining company today.

  1. $3.50 per day for wet places.
    More dangerous areas, usually deeper in an underground mine $3.00 per day for dry places.
    Safer locations, usually in the upper levels of an underground mine. Minimum wage.
  2. $2.75 per day for surface workers Workers in open-pit mines. and men employed in the open pit mines, eight hours (8) constitutes a day's work.
  3. Eight hours (8) constitutes day's work for all men (there included the men working in the open pit mines) miners to go in and come out of mine on company's time. Miners were not being paid for the time it took them to get to their work area in underground mines.
  4. Pay-day twice a month.
  5. Saturday night shift to be abolished and miners to receive full pay.
  6. Abolition of the contract system. Miners had contracts to work in a mine and were paid by the amount of ore they produced instead of for the time they worked.
  7. Miners to be paid as soon as they quit work.