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Title: Want Ads
Type: Advertisement
Date: March 29, 1916
Source: The North Western Miller

Description: Since milling was a skilled-labor industry, it was important for mill owners to hire well-qualified and experienced workers and managers. Some workers looking for jobs advertised in milling magazines like the Weekly North Western Miller.



COMPETENT MANAGER AND CHIEF EX- ecutive wanted for 1,000- bbl Barrels. mill, in process of organization in Minnesota, who can invest $10,000 to $20,000; immediate employment if desired. Address 1910, care Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.

EXPERIENCED FLOUR AND GRAIN salesman wanted to handle our line A company's products. from our Atlanta, Ga., branch, which we are opening April 1; this is a good position for the right man. Address P. O. Box 537, Charleston, S.C.

SALES-MANAGER WANTED - AN ESTABlished mill of 700 bbls capacity desires the services of an experienced man in its sales department; all correspondence confidential. Address 401, care Northwestern Miller, 231-232 Exchange Building, Kansas City, Mo.


BY EXPERIENCED FLOUR SALESMAN with proved record and excellent references from former employers; trade acquaintance. Familiar with the work. Address 407, care Northwestern Miller, 231-232 Exchange Building, Kansas City, Mo.

POSITION WANTED AS MILLER-manager or flour salesman; experienced and strong in all these branches; have ginger Is energetic. and energy and can do things; references. Address 1888, care Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.

WANTED - HEAD MILLER POSITION, mill 125 to 250 bbls; long experience has taught how to get best results; references from past employers show can deliver goods. Address 1904, care Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.

GERMAN MILLER WITH 17 YEARS EXperience, three years in American, familiar with hard and soft wheat, Two different kinds of wheat. seeks position as second in mill up to 300 bbls; day or night; can come immediately. Karl Reich, Box 11, Glenham, S.D.

BY MILLER WITH WIDE EXPERIENCE who knows the business from A to Z; qualified to keep mill in good order; steady and reliable; not afraid of work; highest references. Address 1911, care Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.

AS HEAD MILLER IN 100 TO 300-BBL mill; familiar with modern milling systems; wide experience; can get quality and yield; Amount of production. Dakotas, Montana or Idaho preferred; can come at once. Address James Caldwell, care Box 513, Bowman, N.D.

YOUNG MAN WANTS POSITION AS HEAD miller; eight years' practical experience in Montana and North Dakota; can keep mill in good repair; yield and quality; references; can come on short notice. Address 1913, care Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.

YOUNG MAN WITH 10 YEARS' EXPERIence desires responsible position with live Kansas mill; is familiar with sales and general office management; can furnish references. Address 405, care Northwestern Miller, 231-232 Exchange Building, Kansas City, Mo.

AS ASSISTANT MANAGER , OFFICE manager or bookkeeper with good mill in Southwest; long experience in charge of offices with good up-to-date institutions, East and West. Address "R," care Northwestern Miller, 231-232 Exchange Building, Kansas City, Mo.

NORTHERN MILLER OF LONG EXPERIence desires position as head miller in the South; would accept second place in large mill; highly recommended as to character and ability; Virginia or Tennessee preferred. Address 1874, care Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.

THE NORTHWESTERN MILLER HAS the names of a large number of men seeking positions and can place prospective employers in correspondence with competent persons to act in any capacity. The list includes managers, sales-managers, flour salesmen, office men, bookkeepers, stenographers, elevator agents, head millers, under millers, millwrights, packers, engineers, etc. Address "Northwestern Department" Northwestern Miller, Minneapolis.