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Joseph Hancock

Title: Description of Red Wing
Type: Book
Date: 1893
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Hancock wrote a book about the history of Goodhue County. This is his description of the village of Red Wing.




The beauty of the location of Red Wing has so often been described by visitors and tourists that it is unnecessary to dwell upon that feature here.

The first settlement of the place by the whites was made in the year 1852. Those who came before that year were either traders or missionaries to the Indians. The first missionaries here were from Switzerland, Samuel Denton and Daniel Gavin. These men built two substantial log houses, and labored for nine years, from 1837 to 1846. The next band of missionaries were sent here by the American Boards of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Christian organization that sent missionaries to convert the indians. John Aiton came in 1848, and J. W. Hancock in the spring following. The former left in 1850; the latter remained till the Indians removed, and is here still.