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Lucius Hubbard

Title: Biennial Message From Governor Hubbard
Type: Document
Date: 1883
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Hubbard discussed the status of the Minnesota Board of Health in his biennial message to the legislature.



The State Board of Health has done effective work in the past year in checking the spread of epidemic diseases and in the enforcement of sanitary regulations throughout the State. In my judgment this Board should receive larger recognition and be clothed with most positive authority. Given more power. Under the statutes the health officers are charged with certain important duties, whose discharge involves the exercise of authority not suffciently defined by law. It is of course admitted that there is no question in which the people at large are interested in a greater degree than the preservation of health. The establishing of sanitary regulations is an essential feature in the proper government of every community. A constant influx of immigration Arrival of newcomers. is liable Likely. at any time to bring with it contagious diseases which may become epidemic and, unless summarily dealt with, Handled quickly and completely. spread beyond control. It is of the highest importance that boards of health be vested with Given. the authority necessary to efficient action in such emergencies.

The report of the State Board of Health suggests many changes in the law wherein experience in its practical operation has shown it to be defective. I commend the request and recommendations of the report to your favorable consideration.