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James Lawther

Title: Obituary Notice
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1916
Source: Litchfield Independent

Description: This announcement of Lawther's death appeared in the Litchfield Independent in 1916.


James Lawther Dead.

James Lawther, one of the pioneers of Red Wing, and a member of the old Camp Brog camping party at Lake Koronis, which included C.H. Strobeck, T.G. Crump, Dr. Bacon, Per Ekstrom, Judge Wilder of Red Wing is dead. Mr. Lawther bought the tract of land on which the party camped, and it is still owned by his estate. Property left by Lawther at his death. Mr. Lawther was a native of County Down, Ireland, and has lived at his old Ireland home for a number of years, and here his death occurred last Tuesday. He was rated a millionaire and had given Red Wing over a hundred thousand dollars in public buildings and real estate.