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Edmund Longyear

Title: Advertisement for the Town of Bovey
Type: Advertisement
Date: May 28, 1904
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Longyear's company got involved in trying to found a new mining town on the range. This ad encourages local citizens to invest in the new town and build homes there.


BOVEY! THE NEW TOWN On the Western Mesaba.

This will be the busiest town on the range this summer. This new town is located in the midst of great bodies of iron ore which are now being developed. Arcturus, Diamond, Buckeye and Canisteo mines are in course of development, and will furnish employment to an army of workmen during the summer. Other large bodies of iron ore have been proved near by and the advent of the railroad Arrival of the railroad. will stimulate operations.

Bovey is situated in one of the garden spots of northern Minnesota, and there is an immense acreage of splendid farming lands adjacent. The Great Northern railroad is building to the new town, which is only nine miles out from Grand Rapids, the county seat of Itasca County.

It is a chance of a lifetime to make investment in a town that is sure to grow and be prosperous. Lots are now ready for sale at reasonable prices, and on terms within the reach of all.


Apply to our address E. J. LONGYEAR, HIBBING, MINN.