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Julia Nelson

Title: Biography of William H. Richards
Type: Book
Date: 1894
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Nelson wrote this short biography of her good friend, William H. Richards in 1894.


[page 1]

William H. Richards:



A Remarkable Life
of a Remarkable Man





J. B. N.

[Handwritten at bottom]: Mrs Julia B. Nelson of Red Wing Minn. who taught school several years in Columbus Texas.

[page 2]

THE TRUE biographer seeks to throw upon canvas of lasting remembrance the correct outlines of an individual life, and to retouch the picture with such fine lines as will bring to view distinctive characteristics and give expression to the spirit of the subject. The first requisite Required. for a pleasing portrait or an interesting sketch is a good subject. This is certainly offered in the character and attainments Achievements. of Professor William H. Richards, whose life and work will continue to be an inspiration to many a youth who, amid adverse circumstances, Hardship. seeks a career of usefulness and real honor.