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Victor Power

Title: Article About Power's Political Future
Type: Newspaper
Date: September 27, 1913
Source: Measaba Ore & Hibbing News

Description: After only six months in office, some citizens were already encouraging Power to run for the state legislature.



Wonder who started that talk about Victor L. Power standing for election to the state legislature?

Mr. Power don't know anything about it, and says, furthermore, that there isn't oxen enough in the state to drag him into anything of that sort—perfectly well satisfied he is, with things just as they now are.

Mr. Power has an extensive law practice which is needful to him, Necessary. and there is no special call Reason. for him to make any further personal sacrifice—at least none has been mentioned so far.

And, besides, Mr. Power has proven himself a mighty useful man to the people of Hibbing—just what was needed, the right man at the right time and in the right place—and unless all signs fail he will be continued as the official head of the village of Hibbing for some time to come.

Would it be possible—

That those who are rather inclined to be more or less anxious to get rid of Mr. Power as village president had doped up this bit of alluring bait in the hope of socking the hooks into him?

Started this rumor to get him out of town.

Might be that, y'know.

If such it be, those responsible for the shrewd move dont seem to have a very close acquaintance with the sort of stuff the young man is made of.

He is doing right smart where he is, and the people of Hibbing generally are pretty well satisfied with his ideas of running a mining camp—they like it and want more of it.

Mr. Power would be a mighty fine addition to the state legislature, because it would be a mortal cinch A sure thing. that the people of this district would know they were being represented.

But there's nothing whatever to the story.