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Victor Power

Title: Article About Striking Miners
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 29, 1916
Source: Duluth News Tribune

Description: Often considered a "friend to labor," Mayor Power opposed protection for workers who crossed the picket line.



HIBBING, June 28—At a meeting of the Hibbing village council here tonight Mayor Victor L. Power defended the picketing Labor protest in which strikers carry pickets (signs) at the entrance of their workplace. being done by strikers and said that to the best of his knowledge there was no violence.

The meeting was called for the purpose of making arrangements for a general conference of the councils of all range towns that steps may be taken in unison to bring the present strike to an end. Recorder D.D. Haley was instructed to send out letters calling the meeting for Monday.

Recorder Haley was also advised to notify newspapers that the council was disposed to Willing to. protect men going to and from work at the mines. Mayor Power was on his feet in an instant, opposing the measure. The publicity already given the strike, he said, was lamentable, Unfortunate. and surely the council should not seek notoriety. Known widely and unfavorably. The council also suggested additional men to protect the workmen.

"The men are justified Proven right. in shedding blood when they are interfered with in the exercise of their natural rights," said Mayor Power in defence of the pickets. "The mining companies are asking protection for their men, but the only ones injured so far have been the strikers."